Is buying a hot tub a profitable investment?

Relaxing, soothing and invigorating, balneotherapy provides a wealth of benefits for body and mind. Who said luxury was only for stars? The balneo bathtub is now inviting itself into the home with sophisticated models available at low prices. It is no longer necessary to go to the spa to relax. Cocooning enthusiast, enjoy moments of well-being every day, alone or in pairs, thanks to the purchase of a luxury spa bath at a low price.

Do you dream of a large balneo bathtub but you feel lost among the abundance and diversity of models? you don't know what criteria to use when choosing your one-piece bathtub? Whether small in size or more imposing, the purchase of a balneo bath cannot be improvised! Before you start, find out what are the essential criteria to take into account when making such a purchase. Follow our step-by-step advice to find the inexpensive spa bath that suits you. Let yourself be seduced by the many accessories that will help to accentuate your comfort.

Why invest in a spa bath?

The benefits of balneotherapy are well established! Investing in a small balneo bathtub or in a two-seater balneo bathtub is to give yourself the opportunity to enjoy it on a daily basis. Forget all your worries by enjoying a moment of absolute well-being at home. Release the stress and tensions of everyday life by immersing yourself in 38-degree water. Fatigue, back pain and muscle pain will be a bad memory! The hydromassage system relaxes the muscles and promotes blood circulation. No more feelings of heavy legs! A session helps improve the quality of sleep. People prone to asthma or headaches will see their symptoms improve. A true beauty ally, balneotherapy also helps to soften the skin and reduce skin imperfections. The hydrojets participate in the drainage and the elimination of cellulite.

The main bathtub models

Among the wide choice of models, there are three types of home jacuzzi bathtubs depending on the technology used. Each model provides different benefits. Before you start buying your massage bathtub, define your needs in order to choose the most suitable model.

The air system: a relaxing and soothing effect

Models equipped only with an air system provide a gentle and relaxing massage. Compressed and projected into the water using a blower or "Blower", the air in the room contributes to the creation of thousands of bubbles. These bubbles are diffused via injectors placed at the bottom of the bathtub. An ideal model for overall relaxation of the body, lymphatic drainage of the legs and relief of various ailments such as rheumatism, osteoarthritis, muscle pain, ...

The water system: a toning and stimulating effect

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